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The alphabets ”EY” sounds just like “surprise” in Chinese. We hope the products designed by us can bring you the feeling of "surprise". Such surprise is pleasant and beautiful, reasonable instead of being nonsense. People will feel its unexpectedness, but they will think it’s reasonable at the same time. As surprise is unknown to us, we are keen to find such unknown matters. We believe that with our wonderful concept and carefully designed details, you will definitely have your sincere feeling from the heart -- "wow! it can be done like this!”


Introduction of Designers

黄国栋Jerry Huang
周慧Eva Zhou

Born in 1985

In 2007, they graduated from Raffles Design Institute,majoring in interior design. After graduation, they co-founded Dongwest Design Studio specializing in the interior design, exhibition design and furniture design services. In 2010, the brand of E-Y Products™ was established, and its main range is focused on the household design and gift design.